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The Murder Mystery Co. in Des Moines has exactly what you need to bring the fun to any special occasion you are hosting! Our professionally trained mystery experts will transform your party into a crime scene your guests will love!

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Murder Mystery Dinner Parties in Des Moines, IA

Live-action murder mystery parties are Des Moines's most unique and engaging way to entertain for privately hosted events.

The Murder Mystery Company is Des Moines’s Expert in Mystery Entertainment. The Murder Mystery Company is in Des Moines, and we are ready to kill it at your next party! Our mystery experts are chomping at the bit to transform your next party into two hours of mystery, intrigue, and murder that you will never forget. Check out our glamorous mystery theme list and start planning your crime scene with our on call Crime Scene Consultants.

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The Best of the Best

Our goal here at The Murder Mystery Company is to bring mystery, intrigue, and murder to everyone in the country, and we’ve got our eyes set on Des Moines! With over 300,000 guests solving mysteries with us so far, we’re more than ready to create a crime scene and catch a killer with the people of Des Moines! Grab your detective cap, we’ve got a mystery to solve with you!

We take making your private event with us in Des Moines the best it can be as serious as murder. That’s why we created the GRIMprov method, an exclusive training method used only by us that each of our performers goes through before they start making mysteries with you! This guarantees you get nothing but the best in mystery entertainment!

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